Requirements and functional analysis

Meeting with users to understand and capture their requirements (what their needs are). Then producing a set of unambiguous, testable statements that will fully define the functionality and scope of supply. This is an important step, often skipped ‘to save time and money’
Then turning those requirements into an agreed specification (what the new system or application will do). As well as a full functional description this can include screen layouts, navigation/menu definitions and requirements traceability.

Software Development

I have experience of programming using the following:

  • C# and VB.Net
  • Visual Basic 6
  • C# / Razor, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery
  • SQL Server application development.

VB6 to .NET migration

I have experience of converting existing VB6 application into .Net. Please contact me if you wish to discus any requirement you have.

Test analysis

I can produce detailed test plans, defining what is going to be tested, how it is going to be tested and what test data, test equipment and personnel are required.
Then I can produce step-by-step test scripts, derived from the requirements and functional analysis specifications, to ensure that the delivered software is complete and correct. These test documents can be used for in-house and customer acceptance testing.

On-line and off-line documentation

I can produce user guides and help documents both word processed, ‘.pdf’ and on-line formats. This includes HTML documents suitable for accessing over an intranet, or compiled HTML help.
If you have an existing application or system which has no documentation I’d be happy to quote for producing it.